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Friday, August 22, 2014

What Kind Of Country Are We?


The body they left in the street. For four hours. Ferguson, Missouri was a place where they left a body in the street. For four hours. And the rage rose, and the backlash built, and the cameras arrived, and so did the cops, and the thing became something beyond what it was in the first place. And, in a very real way, in the streets of Ferguson, the body was still in the street. What kind of place leaves the body of a boy in the street? What kind of country does that?

But Michael Brown and the protesters are the problem.


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If the media spent hours re-telling that story, the media would be the problem.

Everybody is the problem except you and me. And I'm not too sure about you.....

Posted by: Rmj | Aug 22, 2014 5:20:45 PM

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