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Monday, July 07, 2014

Ainsley Hayes Is Not Amused

It's a few years old, but in light of Hobby Lobby, I've been seeing Scalia's ranting about how the 14th Amendment doesn't guarantee equal protection to women pop up a lot in socialmediafeedz recently.  Aaron Sorkin's idealized political world and my own disagreement notwithstanding, this is the reality we face unless there's a shift in balance on the Court.

I've also been seeing more interest in reviving the ERA.  I find the arguments that Congress has the authority to "reset the clock" to be compelling.  Not sure it would help in a Hobby Lobby-esque case going forward, but it might be worthwhile given the apparent judicial hostility to women's rights.


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You don't know how much I grew to hate that program as I saw legislative aids who tried to mimic that style of insider banter. It was FICTION.

The ERA is a good idea but, as the Roberts court shows, nothing can replace the convincement and conversion of an effective electoral majority. The left forgot how to talk to people and it relied on the courts and the courts, with "justices" with no real stake in the issues have no problem with lying about what a piddling little amendment to The Constitution says anymore than it does a law as clear in intention as the Freedom of Religion Restoration Act. We need a Congress that will impeach Supreme Court members who lie in rulings as Alito and his four fellow liars did last week. Which would be dangerous in itself if the Republicans didn't start doing that first, which I have no doubt they would do for evil purposes if they thought they could get away with it. And with the media we've got, they could.

It's possible that getting the ERA through the absurdly onerous process of adopting an amendment might make an impression on the judicial fascists but I doubt it. Impeachement would, especially if there were a prison sentence attached to Supreme Perjury. I really wish people would adopt the idea that what they did in the Hobby Lobby ruling was the most dangerous and serious kind of perjury, that might make a difference, too.

Posted by: Anthony McCarthy | Jul 8, 2014 8:31:25 AM

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