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Sunday, June 01, 2014

Quakers In Reality

[C]oncerning these quakers (so caled)...we have no law among us whereby to punish any for only declaring by words, &c, their mindes and understandings concerning the things and ways of God, as to salvation and an eternal condition.

 - Letter from the government of Rhode Island to the government of Massachusetts (October 17, 1657)

Speaking of Friends, we've been executed and otherwise persecuted--in America, no less--for not worshipping properly.  One of the most famous examples is Mary Dyer:

On June 1, 1660, at nine o'clock, Mary Dyer again set out from the jail for the gallows on Boston Common, surrounded by a strong military guard. As she stood upon the fatal ladder, she was told if she would return home, she might come down and save her life. " Nay," she replied, " I cannot ; for in obedience to the will of the Lord God I came, and in his will I abide faithful to the death."

Captain John Webb, the commander of the military, said to her that she had been there before, and had the sentence of banishment on pain of death, and had broken the law in coming again now, as well as formerly, and therefore she was guilty of rer own blood. " Nay," she replied, " I came to keep blood-guiltiness from you, desiring you to repeal the unrighteous and unjust law of banishment upon pain of death, made against the innocent servants of the Lord, therefore my blood will be required at your hands who wilfully do it ; but for those that do it in the simplicity of their hearts, I do desire the Lord to forgive them. I came to do the will of my Father, and in obedience to his will I stand even to the death."

Then her old Puritan pastor, the Rev. Mr. Wilson, bade her repent, and be not so deluded and carried away by the deceit of the devil. To which she replied, "Nay, man, I am not now to repent."
And more she spake of the eternal happiness into which she was about to enter; and then, without tremor or trepidation, she was swung off, and the crown of martyrdom descended upon her head. Thus died brave Mary Dyer. Her remains were buried on Boston Common, and there they now rest in an unknown grave.

Which, you know, is exactly like Obamacare's contraception mandate.


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Hey, because you are on my blogroll, my post comes up #4 when you google "bob bergdahl quaker" in UK, (#6 and #7 here in NYC) although the post does not mention Friends. I'm pretty sure the Bergdahls are not of that faith either and have no idea why anybody would be googling it in the first place. But then my most popular keyword for the past month has been "fat sex" and those guys must have been really disappointed.

Posted by: Yastreblyansky | Jun 1, 2014 3:58:06 PM

LOL. Prolly cuz of his beard. Though I'd google 'bob bergdahl amish'...

Posted by: NTodd | Jun 1, 2014 6:09:06 PM

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