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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Yooks Versus Zooks

There's another butter battle brewing:

“Have no fears,” said the Chief. “Everything is all right.
My Bright Back Room Boys have been brighter than bright.
They've thought up a gadget that's Newer than New.
It's filled with mysterious Moo-Lacka-Moo
And can blow all those Zooks clear to Sala-ma-goo.




“You just run this to the wall like a nice little man.
Drop this bomb on the Zooks just as fast as you can.
I have ordered all Yooks to stay safe underground
While the Bitsy Big-Boy Boomeroo is around.”

As I raced for that Wall, with the bomb in my hand,
I noticed that every last Yook in our land
Was obeying our chief Yookeroo's grim command.

        They were all bravely marching,
        With banners aflutter,
        For their country!
        And Right-Side-Up Butter!

That's when Grandfather found me!
He grabbed me. He said,
“You should be down that hole!
And you're up here instead!
But perhaps this is all for the better, somehow.
You will see me make history!


Grandpa leapt up that Wall with a lopulous leap
And he cleared his hoarse throat
With a bopulous beep.
He screamed. “Here's the end of that terrible town
Full of Zooks who eat bread with the butter-side-down!”

At that very instant we heard a klupp-klupp
Of the feet on the Wall and old Van Itch klupped up!
The Boys in HIS Back Room had made him one too!
In his fist was another Big-Boy Boomeroo!
“I'll blow you”, he yelled, “into pork and wee beans!
I'll butter-side-up you to small smithereens!”

“Grandpa!” I shouted. “Be careful! Oh gee!
Who's going to drop it?
Will you…? Or will he…?
“Be patient,” said Grandpa. “We'll see.
We will see…”

Happy 110th fricking birthday, Dr Seuss.


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