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Friday, January 31, 2014

Son, You're On Your Own

Tim F has this to say about Gallup's finding that 38% of uninsured Americans will pay the fine rather than sign up for insurance: 

I worry about people hurting themselves and their families for no good reason, but I do not worry about these yahoos endangering the Affordable Care Act. How long do you think Bette in Spokane, Washington will stay off the exchanges because she hates Democrats? A year? Even if a person does not need medical care, and it sounds like Bette and her family does, living without insurance will wear a person down. Nobody wants to hope and pray that you make it through each day without a surprise that leaves you bankrupt and homeless (pdf). Some people really will go all the way for Glenn Beck. Thankfully most, even the dumb angry ones, have better things to do. Color me shocked if less than ninety percent of these political holdouts get insurance and move on with their life before the next Congress takes office.

Now in many cases these folks don't allow reality--climate change, evolution--intrude on their ideology.  But those things don't have direct, immediate impact on their lives.  Healthcare is different, and I suspect their tune will change in short order as passions die down and fear of dying reasserts itself.


PS--I have to say that Obamacare rebels remind me of Blazing Saddles (not an entirely original reference in the context of Tea Party whackaloons).  They lost their shit when the realized the Sheriff was near, but then switched roles and became Bart trying to play the rest of us for rubes.  Fine, shoot yourself, see what I care.

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I think of 'em like flat-earthers: they may always be with us, or be with us for a long time (lots of people go without health insurance; that's what emergency rooms are for! No, seriously....), but they won't increase in number, and eventually there won't be enough left to pay attention to.

Posted by: Rmj | Jan 31, 2014 3:59:01 PM

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