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Saturday, August 17, 2013

To Not Protect And Not Serve

Great logic:

In Pennsylvania and other states, police can force landlords to evict tenants who officers consider to be a nuisance. According to the New York Times, under so-called “nuisance property” laws, individuals like domestic violence victim Lakisha Briggs of Norristown, PA can be told by police that if they call 911 one more time, they’ll be forced out of their homes.
Norristown officials claim that Briggs failed to take out protection orders against Bennet as police instructed, and that in the 10 times police were called to her residence from January to May of 2012, but never saw evidence that she was physically injured.

How is a protection order enforced if the abuser doesn't comply?  By using the Batsignal?  And one should only call police AFTER they've been injured?  Jeebus.


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