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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Run For School Board

You want a revolution?

One can’t help but admire the tenacity, focus and creativity that conservative activists brought to their task. They transformed the Republican Party at every level: from the grass roots, where they assumed control of local bodies such as city councils, caucuses and county commissions, to the state and national party machinery.

Do what the conservatives did.  Whether it's trying to transform the Democratic Party so it's not beholden to the MIC and corporatism, to changing government itself, get involved in the process, somewhere, somehow, beyond mere voting.  Run for dogcatcher, something that gives you a foot in the door.

Best thing I ever did was lose my campaign for Vermont House.  That little step created so many more opportunities to do things for my community.  You never know what will happen, 'cept if you sit around and don't try, in which case nothing will change.


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