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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Love The Bigot, Hate The Bigotry

Wingers have butt hurt:

Scanning national media over the last several days, one sees words such as homophobia, bigotry and xenophobia thrown like confetti by liberals at anyone who dare say that under the federal constitution, states have the right to define marriage. These scare tactics are actually working—Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, felt compelled to appear on national TV and explain that Catholic religious belief that marriage is between a man and a woman forever, to create life is not bigotry but a religious teaching. The left's response—not enough. Nothing is enough short of changing religious doctrine to fit the beliefs of the liberal masses.

Actually, you can keep your religious teaching.  All we want is the State, which constitutionally cannot impose such tenets on everybody, to recognize civil rights.

Therein is a huge constitutional problem. As I read the constitution and its amendments, I do not see any constitutional right to marry, but I do see a constitutional right for freedom of religion. 

And as the Supreme Court and reasonable people read the Constitution, its various amendments, amongst which is the Ninth, protect a significant amount liberty, including the pursuit of happiness, privacy, freedom from state intrusion on intimate relations, etc.  And once again, having the State protect the right to civil marriage for all under the auspices of substantive due process and equal protection has fuck all to do with your precious belief system.

This is the exact freedom which pilgrims to the United States have been seeking for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Ah, I see you cleverly used the generic, lowercase 'p' in 'pilgrim', but clearly it's a reference to those folks in Plymouth.  You know, the ones who exiled and murdered people like Quakers for not practicing their peculiar Puritanism.  Interesting example in the context!

Whatever.  You have every right to be a bigot on your own dime.  Protecting everybody's right to consensual relationships won't change that.  But don't be surprised when people get mad at you for letting your dogma poop in their yard.


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