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Monday, March 11, 2013

NEWSFLASH: VT State Archives Is Secesh Fever Swamp! MUST CREDIT NTODD!

For fun, I emailed the State Archivist, Tanya Marshall:

My question is deceptively simple: was there ever a Republic of Vermont?

Her answer:

My reply is deceptively simple as well: yes, there was a Republic of Vermont.

My philosophy is to use definitions and logic, and therefore I offer the following (simplified) response:

"Republic" by definition is a "form of government in which the people or their elected representatives possess the supreme power" (Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition).

The preamble to the 1777 Vermont Constitution (available on our website: http://vermont-archives.org/govhistory/constitut/constitutions.htm) clearly states as follows:

"Therefore, it is absolutely necessary, for the welfare and safety of the inhabitants of this State, that it should be, henceforth, a free and independent State; and that a just, permanent and proper form of government, should exist in it, derived from, and founded on, the authority of the people only, agreeable to the direction of the honorable American Congress.

We the representatives of the freemen of Vermont, in General Convention met, for the express purpose of forming such a government, confessing the goodness of the Great Governor of the Universe (who alone, knows to what degree of earthly happiness, mankind may attain, by perfecting the arts of government), in permitting the people of this State, by common consent, and without violence, deliberately to form for themselves."

"Supreme" by definition means "superior to all others."

Between 1777 and 1791, supreme power rested with those elected by the citizens of Vermont to represent them; Vermont had its own Governor, Council and laws. When Vermont was admitted into the union in 1791 it did so as "state already formed." (Letter from Nathaniel Chipman to Governor Chittenden, Vt. Ms. State Papers, Vol. XXIV, page 37). Yet, with statehood, supreme or superior power subsequently shifted from Vermont to the United States. While each state is autonomous, the superior power of the United States -- and adherence to its constitution and laws, but with representation -- is addressed as each state joins the union.

Our reference room staff would be more than happy to assist with records concerning the status of Vermont prior to statehood and upon statehood. They can be reached atarchives@sec.state.vt.us or 802-828-2308.

This scandalous secesh conspiracy runs deep, probably started by former Archivist, Greg Sanford, who not only refused to dispel the myth of a Republic of Vermont when given ample opportunity, he also failed to correct the Secretary of State back in 1986, and on at least two (2) occasions explicitly referred to this fiction (here and here) as though it were fact!  I'm sure because of Sanford's nefarious secesh plot, Governor Snelling bought into the Potemkin Republic scam and even historians who should know better called Vermont "the only true American republic."

What's more, the Archive and Records Administration has clearly been systematically altering records so it would appear, for example, that Alexander Hamilton asserted that Vermont was a republic just like New York.  Worse yet, the Lt Governor in 1790 never could have thought this tiny state was a free republic, so a lot of editing has obviously been done!

I call on all right-thinking people to denounce this official agency and demand that Governor Shumlin remove the secesh agitators who have infiltrated our fair, non-republican government.


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