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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"There's still food but I don't want to eat it!"

From the Random News Reading And Random Synaptic Firing files!

It's sad, but this article immediately reminded me of this Simpsons episode.  And this moving story reminded me of this sad epoch, portrayed in my 2nd favorite Cosmos episode:

The man who sought harmony in the cosmos was fated to live at a time of exceptional discord on Earth. Exactly eight days after Kepler's discovery of his Third Law, there occurred in Prague an incident that unleashed the devastating Thirty Years War. The war's convulsions shattered the lives of millions of people...

The conflicts, portrayed on both sides as a holy war, was more an exploitation of religious bigotry by those hungry for land and power. This war introduced organized pillage to keep armies in the field. The brutalized population of Europe stood by helpless as their ploughshares and pruning hooks were literally beaten into swords and spears. Rumor and paranoia swept through the countryside enveloping especially the powerless.

Life imitates art, and there is nothing new under the sun...


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