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Sunday, February 17, 2013

There Is No Other Blue Marble

One of those damnable FB memes made me sad this evening.  Not because it was factually inaccurate, or glib, or anything.  Just reminded me of this:

Which may or may not have been taken by Jack Schmitt, the only scientist to go to the Moon and thus, my favorite astronaut (or depending on my mood, tied with a couple others).  Makes me sad because Schmitt is a climate change denier, which maybe shouldn't be surprising because of this exchange during Apollo 17's first EVA:

118:08:02 Cernan: Oh, man. Hey, Jack, just stop. You owe yourself 30 seconds to look up over the South Massif and look at the Earth!

118:08:07 Schmitt: (Pretending surprise) What? The Earth?

118:08:09 Cernan: Just look up there.

118:08:10 Schmitt: Ah! You seen one Earth, you've seen them all.

On the one hand, it's kinda cute that he's so focused on the rocks because, of course, he was a geologist by training.  But it also shows a strikingly cavalier attitude, even in jest, toward the onliest home we got.

As Cernan said a beat later: No you haven't, babe. When you begin to believe that...


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