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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's Not Really Rebelling

Raw Story hedThree more states consider rebelling against Citizens United ruling.

Um...yeah, no.  Draws the reader in and I'm glad more are joining Vermont et al, but calling for an amendment is no more a rebellion than the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions.  One does hope if we get enough states on board, we can call for convention and fix this in a constitutionally-mandated way.


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The thing that scares me about a Convention is that there's no limit on what can be considered once it's opened, or so I understand. I can't imagine today's politicians managing to do as well as the original.

Posted by: Darryl Brashier | Feb 21, 2013 6:25:44 AM

Well, Convention gives us a way around the pols in DC.

One would hope that with the electorate currently more on the side of marriage equality, against corporatism to a certain extent, and generally voting Democratic, the context of a state-based, more democratic amendment process might have more impetus for positive change. I'm sure there would be grandstanding, not to mention flag burning and fetal personhood and other stupid ideas, but even Congress didn't pass all of Madison's BoR suggestions, so the most egregious would probably not make it to the point of proposal to state ratification conventions.

If we fear the downside potential, then we'll never achieve the upside in Congress or Convention.

Posted by: NTodd Pritsky | Feb 21, 2013 8:33:11 AM

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