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Monday, February 25, 2013


You can defy brutal regimes:

On 25 February 1941, Amsterdam was in the grip of a general strike in protest against the persecution of the Jews. A day later, the strike spread from the Zaan, Kennemerland (Haarlem Velsen), Hilversum, Utrecht and Weesp. In the capital came to a halt and public transport was also in almost all other municipal services stopped work. It was discontinued in the shipbuilding and metal companies in North, at Hollandia-Kattenburg, and also in supermarkets as the Beehive. In the city shops and offices were closed. Many students left their classrooms. Thousands of people were moving that day through the center of the city. The pent mind sought a way to express themselves against the German occupiers, who on May 10, 1940 our country were attacked and more openly their regime wanted to impose. 

This one tactical action didn't stop the war or persecution, but shows the potential for collective, strategic resistance.  Would that we taught more about such events...


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