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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Your Theory Is As Ludicrous As Your Hair, Senator Calhoun

I love liberty no less ardently than Senator Calhoun.

 - Senator Daniel Webster, February 16, 1833

Think Progress provides color commentary on the latest float to pass by in the Un-constitutional State Nullification Parade.

I think Vermont said it best in response to the Virginia Resolutions of 1798:

In The House of Representatives, October 30, A. D. 1799.
, That the General Assembly of the state of Vermont do highly disapprove of the resolutions of the General Assembly of Virginia, as being unconstitutional in their nature, and dangerous in their tendency. It belongs not to state legislatures to decide on the constitutionality of laws made by the general government; this power being exclusively vested in the judiciary courts of the Union. That his excellency, the governor, be requested to transmit a copy of this resolution to the executive of Virginia, to be communicated to the General Assembly of that state: And that the same be sent to the governor and council for their concurrence.

Read and concurred unanimously.

But Webster said it pretty well, too:

I do not admit that, under the Constitution, and in conformity with it, there is any mode in which a State Government, as a member of the Union, can interfere and stop the progress of the General Government, by force of her own laws, under any circumstances whatever.

As did the Father of the Constitution:

[I]t follows, from no view of the subject, that a nullification of a law of the U. S. can as is now contended, belong rightfully to a single State, as one of the parties to the Constitution; the State not ceasing to avow its adherence to the Constitution. A plainer contradiction in terms, or a more fatal inlet to anarchy, cannot be imagined.

State nullification is the constitutional equivalent of "we had to destroy the village in order to save it."  Morally bankrupt, absurdly contradictory, and absolutely a threat to liberty.


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South Carolina might have been the state that has sent more malignant scum to the Senate than any other. It's had a long history of doing it with a handful of times when they seem to have sent someone good by mistake.

Posted by: Anthony McCarthy | Jan 30, 2013 2:17:00 PM


Posted by: NTodd Pritsky | Jan 30, 2013 8:41:37 PM

Ida B. Wells advice given late in her life was to always vote Republican. It was a different time. I believe one of the ancestors of the notorious racist "Happy Chandler" ["You know Zimbabwe's all nigger now. There aren't any whites."] once the governor of New Hampshire, was Senator William Chandler who was a champion of civil rights in the late 19th century and progressives of the time.


Different times.

Posted by: Anthony McCarthy | Jan 31, 2013 10:30:05 AM

Oh, wait, that's the wrong Happy Chandler. I'm talking about Happy Jack Chandler, the one who said how disgusted he was when Jesse Jackson hugged a white woman.


Posted by: Anthony McCarthy | Jan 31, 2013 10:38:44 AM

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