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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Which Tire?

For the eleventy-millionth time today, I heard the canard "we don't need any more gun laws, we just need to enforce the 3000 already on the books!"  Yeah, okay...which ones aren't being enforced, exactly?

I hear tell that it's illegal to lie on Form 4473 (background checks), but how many people are doing that and not getting prosecuted?  Any others you have stats on?  Nobody ever seems to have an answer when I ask the question.

As I said elsewhere, it's great that you're willing to raise taxes so BATF can afford to inspect gun shops frequently enough.  And prosecutors can afford to spend time nailing those lying Form 4473 felons.

But it's still a puzzle why this is posed as a dichotomy: can we not tighten enforcement of existing laws whilst closing loopholes and perhaps enacting other reasonable gun safety regulation?  If people still run red lights, does that mean we cannot ban texting whilst driving for increased road safety?

I just wish people would think about the details of their bogus excuses...


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