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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Throwing A Tub To The Gunwale


“[The NRA throws] popular culture into the debate in the hopes that it’ll be distracting chum to piranhas hungry for scapegoats but reluctant to fight difficult battles to make America safer.”

Made me think of this:

Noah Webster, although not a member of Congress, expressed the point of view of many of its Federalist members in an anonymous attack on Madison, published while the Virginian was leading the floor fight for amendments. "It seems to be agreed on all hands," he wrote, "that paper declarations of rights are trifling things and no real security to liberty. In general they are a subject of ridicule." The people regret that "Congress should spend their time in throwing out an empty tub to catch people, either factious or uninformed, who might be taken more honorably by reason and equitable laws. They regret particularly that Mr. Madison's talents should be employed to bring forward amendments, which, at best can have little effect upon the merits of the constitution, and may sow the seeds of discord from New-Hampshire to Georgia.

That is all...


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