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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things I've Learned Today

Since I've never eaten an MRE, I am not allowed to have an opinion as to whether it's a travesty or not that some troops at FOBs which are being closed down in Afghanistan are only getting 3 hots a day plus a cold breakfast to simplify logistics.

Since I have not invested in a wind turbine in my literal backyard, wind energy is clearly crazy and besides steals too much money from hardworking people.

And people wonder why I can't quit Facebook.


Update: apropos of this, apparently some people think you can't understand guns unless you've fired them.  I did in my youth.  Don't think you need to, any more than you need to go to the Moon to understand that NASA landed people on the moon and it was hard and expensive, and as a taxpayer you have a right to weigh in on whether we should go again.

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