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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The National Militia Act of 2013

Booman has a thoughtful post on the spectrum of gun violence and reasonable gun safety regulations.  I, on the other hand, offer this cunning plan...

Inspired by pro-gun efforts to mandate firearm ownership (many moons ago in VT, recently in SD as a response to Obamacare, amongst other places), I've decided we really need to get back to the original intent of the 2nd Amendment and Federal power to regulate the militia.

I propose the following:

  • All able-bodied males aged 17-67 are considered members of the unorganized militia - current US statute limits membership to 17-45 years, and Washington originally proposed an upper bound of 60 years old, but healthcare has come a long way since then and we should tie the top age to whatever retirement is in Social Security.
  • The unorganized militia will be divided into 2 corps (Main and Reserve) - all purchasers of firearms will be automatically drafted into the Main Corps, subject to call up before the unarmed Reserve, at Congressional discretion.
  • Every firearm purchased must be registered with the Federal goverment, including information on type of weapon - for proper defense by our patriotic militias, Congress must know just what defenses it can muster when calling up the militia for duty.
  • With every firearm, an appropriate minimum level of ammunition is required to be purchased - militia members cannot go into battle with just their guns, of course.  Knapsacks optional.
  • Every firearm purchaser must provide certification that they have proper secure storage - we don't want terrorists to be able to disarm patriots and obtain weapons to kill innocent civilians protected by our militia.  Otherwise, we'll have to store arms someplace centrally-controlled.
  • Training requirements of 1 weekend per quarter and 1 week a year - less strenuous than the Guard, but sufficient to ensure proper readiness in the event of call up.
  • Militia Arms, Logistics, and Training tax - to help fund training and logistical services for the militia, firearms and ammo will be subject to the MALT.  All semi-auto "assault weapons" will carry the same NFA tax as machine guns ($200), all other weapons and ammo will be taxed as a percentage of value (15%).

Have gun, will defend America, amirite?


PS--One other power besides organizing the militia and taxation that I didn't mention was regulating interstate commerce.  I suspect that can be exercised to require certain things of gun manufacturers, too.  For our national defense, natch.

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And if they flake out of their military exercise duties, their firearms are confiscated until they pay a fine (to cover expenses) and complete additional training duties.

I'm sure lots of those beer-bellied NRA types could use an occasional 10 mile forced march with full pack over rough ground. Why, it's like an Obamacare health mandate, with 2nd amendment sauce!

Posted by: Snarki, child of Loki | Jan 29, 2013 1:39:14 PM

Mmm..tasty, tasty sauce for the goose...

Posted by: NTodd Pritsky | Jan 29, 2013 2:46:51 PM

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