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Thursday, December 27, 2012

We do not ask for what useful purpose the birds do sing...


[I]f there are globes in the heaven similar to our earth, do we vie with them over who occupies the better portion of the universe?  For if their globes are nobler, we are not the noblest of rational creatures.  Then how can all things be for man's sake?  How can we be the masters of God's handiwork?

It is difficult to unravel this knot, because we have not yet acquired all the relevant information....

Geometry is unique and eternal, and it shines in the mind of God.  The share of it which has been granted to man is one of the reasons why he is the image of God.

And with that, I give you Carl Sagan:

Harmony of the worlds, indeed...


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I developed an allergy to Carl Sagan from reading his "Demons" book and seeing how many people online mistake it for a logic textbook.

In my many disputations with materialists over the widely held multiverse faith, it came to me that if the first and second dimensions are real and relevant to science then materialism and, especially, scientism had a big problem. The first and second dimensions can't contain matter or energy or, it would seem from what they taught me of physics, time. Yet so many materialists have a deep faith in not only the reality of those dimensions and their relevance to science but even believe there are one and two dimensional universes. If those things are real then their materialism has a rather large gap in reality to explain. At least that's what I say when the argument gets that far. I've yet to hear a materialist do anything but sputter in response.

I suspect geometry is a very human attempt at addressing the physical universe, it being intimately tied to formal logical argument points in that direction. It might just gain its entire validity through its convincing and seeming utility instead of its revelation of absolute truth. I'd like to know if other intelligent beings have developed the same geometry we have but don't expect to ever know that.

Posted by: Anthony McCarthy | Dec 27, 2012 1:02:46 PM

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