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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reminder: The Pilgrims Hated Xmas

The First Xmas, 1620:

  • Bradford: And ye 25 day begane to erecte ye first house for comone use to receive them and their goods.
  • Mourt: Mounday, the 25 day, we went on shore, some to fell tymber, some to saw, some to rive, and some to carry, so no man rested all that day.

The Second Xmas, 1621:

  • Bradford

    And herewith I shall end this year. Only I shall remember one passage more, rather of mirth than of weight. On ye day called Christmas Day ye Gov'r called them out to worke (as was used), but ye most of this new company [of lusty yonge men] excused themselves and said it wente against their consciences to work on yt day. So ye Gov'r tould them that if they made it a mater of conscience he would spare them till they were better informed.

    So he led away ye rest and left them; but when they came home at noone from their worke, he found them in ye streete at play, openly, some pitching ye base, and some at stoole-ball, and such like sports. So he went to them, and tooke away their implements, and tould them that was against his conscience, that they should play and others worke. If they made ye keeping of it a mater of devotion, let them kepe their houses, but there should be no gaming or revelling in ye streets, since which time nothing hath atempted that way, at least openly.

Puritans started the War on Xmas, not liberals.


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