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Friday, December 14, 2012

Odd Totems

Of course we're still finding reminders of our recently departed companions here and there, which is always a sad little jolt.  But there were also a couple totemic things that hung around right in front of our faces instead of hiding in forgotten corners.

Took me almost two weeks to finally dispose of Neppy's insulin and accoutrement. Today I tossed the estimate of Kayla's surgery that had been hanging on the fridge since our first fateful trip to the vet.  It's stupid, but I couldn't bring myself to get rid of that damned piece of paper, I suppose because it represented a brief moment wherein we thought our girl still had a decent prognosis. 

Apparently I am Sam's totem, as he's developed a severe case of separation anxiety.  The other night, for example, when I was putting some lights up on the front porch, he freaked out even though he could see me through the window.  Ultimately, the boy made me keep the door open so I could finish the job.  

I empathize and sympathize, but admit the constant "Daddy, are you home?" check-ins and whatnot are exhausting and more than a bit annoying.  Just hope he starts feeling more secure again soon (and that he doesn't throw me away when he does).


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