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Friday, December 14, 2012

Civil Rights Are Slavery!

Atlanta Motel v US (1964):

We find no merit in the remainder of appellant's contentions, including that of "involuntary servitude." As we have seen, 32 States prohibit racial discrimination in public accommodations. These laws but codify the common-law innkeeper rule which long predated the Thirteenth Amendment. It is difficult to believe that the Amendment was intended to abrogate this principle. Indeed, the opinion of the Court in the Civil Rights Cases is to the contrary as we have seen, it having noted with approval the laws of "all the States" prohibiting discrimination. We could not say that the requirements of the Act in this regard are in any way "akin to African slavery." Butler v. Perry, 240 U.S. 328, 332 (1916).

Nice nod to Butler and its summation of the 13th Amendment:

The great purpose in view was liberty under the protection of effective government, not the destruction of the latter by depriving it of essential powers. 

Senator Graham (and voluntaryists) please make a note...


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