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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Check, Please!

I'm not sure the Senator understands what "unchecked" or "power grab" means:

The Treasury is billing this arrangement as the "McConnell Provision," after the agreement coming out of the last debt limit fight — much to the chagrin of Senate GOP leadership.

Under the White House proposal, which has been rejected out of hand by congressional Republicans, the president would have the ability to notify Congress of a pending hike to the debt limit whenever the government comes within $100 billion of the current borrowing cap. Congress would then have the opportunity to pass a resolution disapproving of the pending hike, otherwise the increase will go through automatically. 

Even if a disapproval resolution is passed, the president would have the power to veto it, meaning a two-thirds majority of Congress would be needed to block any increase — long odds in any Congress.


McConnell's office [described it] as an unchecked a "power grab" by the administration...

So now you're saying a supermajority requirement to get something you want is bad?


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