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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Chanukah In Story And Song - Part I (CHANUKKAH, OY CHANUKKAH)

Shamelessly stolen, here's Leonard Nimoy and Western Wind telling the story of Chanukah:

1. CHANUKKAH, OY CHANUKKAH [2:24] Chassidic Melody
2. Narration by Leonard Nimoy 
3. MI ZE Y'MALEL (1:47) Sephardic Folk Song
4. Narration by Leonard Nimoy 
5. HAYO HAYA (1:58) Chassidic Song, solos: Zukof/Theil/Levine/Clark, arr. Elliot Z. Levine

Guess how many parts there are.  No cheating.


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I used to perform this kind of music with Isabelle Ganz. Seriously. We performed it for probably 10 years in synagogues in various cities, then cut a phonodisc of it (which Izzy promptly used to promote her career... OK by all of us; she paid for the recording). The music is exotic to the Western ear, but after a while it acquires a familiarity. A lot of the songs were transcribed from live unaccompanied renditions by Jews in New York City, some of whom were, ah, elderly, which may account for some of the oddity. :-)

Posted by: Steve Bates | Dec 10, 2012 2:12:24 AM

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