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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Capitula-a-tion Is Making Me...Wait.

Markos on Obama's presser:

Sheesh, why didn't Obama say something like, "I made a more than fair deal. The GOP rejected it. So now I'm pulling the offer off the table and waiting to see what the GOP has to offer. Clock's ticking!"

Yeah, that's kinda what I was hoping he would say today, too.  

As I noted to Ericka yesterday, a clever pol (no, I'm not comparing myself to the first African-American president) might consider making an offer was that sure to not meet the Crazy Caucus's demands whilst pissing off passionate liberals.  Get people fired up enough to "light 'em up", bolstering polls that show Americans are on the Preznit's side, and allow him to say, "hey, I made a good offer, but the GOP is a buncha dicks and I've got a clear mandate from the Election and popular action, so bite me."

Eleventy-dimensional chess is a fun thing to mock, but there can be some legitimate game playing that doesn't appear obvious to the outside observer.  I did hold out some hope on that before today, but I'm not pleased with Obama's poker face when he certainly has the stronger hand.

Still, there is no deal as yet, and that presents more opportunity to agitate for what we want.  Make it so...


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