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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Apparently The AP Doesn't Read My Blog

Jesus fucking Xristos on ignorant toast points:

Tradition has trumped suspense as members of the Electoral College cast the final, official votes in the presidential election.

Though just a constitutional formality, President Barack Obama officially marched to a second term on Monday as electors voted.

Really, AP, you're just going to write the same bullshit every 4 years?

First of all, Constitutional requirements are not "ceremonial" [or "a constitutional formality"]: they are Constitutional requirements.  Period.

Second of all, it's rather funny that they say "it's official" that Obama's been elected, but oh by the way he's not until January [which this year's article didn't even bother to mention].  The latter is correct--nothing is final until Congress accepts the results--the former really should have been "formally VOTED" for Obama and McCain.  Come on, it's just like any election: you cast votes but until they're counted and certified, the outcome is done "official" or "formal".

Small wonder people don't know our Constitution and other important things when the media can't even be bothered...


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Though not "officially," as a de facto policy, schools mostly stopped teaching "civics" around 1980, with the ascendance of the Raygun Education gunsels, Bill Bennett, Lamar Alexander, Chester "Chukker" Finn, and (sadly) Diane Ravitch.
It began, in earnest, with the publication and proliferation of "A Nation At Risk."

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