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Friday, December 28, 2012

About Those Gun Safety Regulations


The neighbor of a convicted felon who ambushed firefighters on Christmas Eve, killing two, bought the guns for him and lied to the seller, knowing that he wasn't allowed to have them, authorities said Friday.

William Spengler had picked out the semiautomatic rifle and shotgun used in the ambush and went to the sporting goods store with the neighbor when she bought them for him, U.S. Attorney William Hochul said.

The neighbor, Dawn Nguyen of Rochester, was arrested Friday. She faces a federal charge of knowingly making a false statement for signing a form indicating she would be the legal owner of the guns, Hochul said. She also was charged with a state count of filing a falsified business record, State Police Senior Investigator James Newell said.

This demonstrates the value of some form of gun registration.  It obviously won't deter certain folks, but you have to think twice about being the owner of record and engaging in unsafe behavior (not locking up weapons or buying for somebody else).

And imagine if there were a ban of some particularly "dangerous and unusual" firearms.  Much harder for somebody to go to a store to buy and pass along.

Crazy, I know.


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