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Monday, November 12, 2012

There's Secession In The Air

Daniel Webster (again):

One State, holding an embargo law unconstitutional, may declare her opinion, and withdraw from the Union. She secedes. Another, forming and expressing the same judgment on a law laying duties on imports, may withdraw also. She secedes...

But, sir, a third State is of opinion, not only that these laws...are constitutional, but that it is the absolute duty of Congress to pass and to maintain such laws...If Congress now refuse to exercise it...she may threaten to secede also.

Virginia may secede, and hold the fortresses in the Chesapeake. The Western States may secede, and take to their own use the public lands. Louisiana may secede, if she choose, form a foreign alliance, and hold the mouth of the Mississippi. If one State may secede, ten may do so-twenty may do so-twenty-three may do so. Sir, as these secessions go on, one after another, what is to constitute the United States? Whose will be the army? Whose the navy? Who will pay the debts? Who fulfil the public treaties? Who perform the constitutional guaranties? Who govern this District and the Territories? Who retain the public pro- perty?

Mr. President, every man must see that these are all questions which can arise only after a revolution. They presuppose the breaking up of the Government.

C'mon, secesh, why the lame petitions?  Time to revolt!  Triple dog dare ya!


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