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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Spirits Of 1777

On this date in 1777, Congress decided something momentous:

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to collect and digest the late useful discoveries for making molasses and spirits from the juice of corn stalks, and report a plan for communicating the said discoveries to the inhabitants of the several states.

And they also came up with those crappy Articles (which were ratified in 1781):

Ordered, That the committee appointed to revise and arrange the articles ∥of confederation,∥ have three hundred copies printed and lodged with the secretary, to be subject to the future orders of Congress; and that the articles of confederation, as now agreed to, be entered on the journal.2

[Note 2: 2 "The Articles were printed and returned to the president on Friday, November 28, who had them tied in bundles, and gave 18 to the delegates of each State, reserving the rest for himself; so that none came into the Secretary's office. C. T." Note by Charles Thomson.]

And to think, we only had to endure 10 years under this disorganized regime before Mr Shay got that whole Constitution thing rolling...


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