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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Yuri Olesha:

Lelya was walking quickly. He got up and made a few steps to meet her. The branches with club-shaped leaves were waving. Shuvalov stood in the middle of the path. The branches rustled. As she approached, the leaves greeted her. The colour-blind youth, turning off the path, thought: ‘It’s getting windy’, and looked up at the leaves. They were behaving like any leaves agitated by the wind. He saw blue treetops swaying. Shuvalov saw green treetops. But Shuvalov drew an unnatural conclusion. He thought the trees were giving Lelya a welcome. The colour-blind young man was mistaken, but Shuvalov was even more seriously mistaken. ‘I see things that don’t exist’, Shuvalov repeated. Lelya reached him. In one hand she carried a bag of apricots. The other hand she held out to him. The world changed dramatically.

Sometimes it's all about perception.


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