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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Indeed, I Want To Shoot You In The Head - Part The First (Perspective)

The Ghetto is...liberty.

 - Schindler's List


Still meditating on various things about individuals and society, but real life continues to intervene so my epic series of blog posts will wait a bit longer.  However, I would like to observe that whenever I run into people who are ultra-extreme libertarians (or anarchists or voluntaryists or similar ists), they generally come from a place of privilege.  Sure you've got exceptions that prove the rule, but I haven't found many left-handed, impoverished, black lesbians fighting to rid the world of anti-discrimination protects in the name of anti-statism.

And it makes a lot of sense.  We often don't get things that are outside our experience:

  • If you haven't been enslaved by an economic system such as in the South, you might not appreciate a State intervention that ended it.
  • If you haven't experienced discrimination because of your sexual orientation, you might not appreciate a State law that mitigates it.
  • If you haven't had anybody close to you die from a preventable infectious disease, you might not appreciate State immunization mandates.

Etc.  Some people might see the Holocaust as an example of just how State power can run amok.  I do.  I also see how it represents real tyranny, as opposed to...say, collecting a small percentage of income in taxes.

To me it's facially absurd to compare taxation to theft or rape or slavery or any other bad oppressive thing, but obviously there are folks out there on the fringe who disagree.  And I find them to be infuriating and not a little dangerous.  I've been trying to understand where they're coming from, have found their arguments less than compelling, and want to write about it on a semi-regular basis until I run out of steam.

For now, just some perspective.  If you think that expecting a little skin in the game for the protections you receive from a civil society--whether you chose it or not--is like living under the Nazis, you really need to check your privilege (as Ericka says).


PS--Incendiary series title reference will become more clear next time.

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If you want to see what happens when there is no state authority you can go to some of the worst ghettos in the world. In the absence of civil government, the result of democratic elections, uncivil rule by the strongest and most ruthless will replace it. Anarchism has never and will never exist in human society, the concept is an academic fantasy, a myth. Some form of rule will always arise in a vacuum of it. Democracy isn't a guarantee of a perfect alternative to rule by thugs but it's the least imperfect form of it. The moral and rational response to its many imperfections and the need to always maintain it is to work at it, not to whine and complain about it and bawl about it.

I've also noticed that most libertarians (including those, especially trust fund brats on the blogs, who mistake themselves for liberals) and anarchists are affluent and in little danger of having to live with the results of their infantile political philosophies. I hope you include the self-styled principled non-voters, voters for parties with no hope of winning an election and,you know, holding a seat and making laws, etc. Most of those are also whiny rich brats.

Posted by: Anthony McCarthy | Nov 25, 2012 8:54:31 AM

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