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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dawn Of The Sixth Party System?

Between this and this and this (not to mention the 2010 wave election and GOP obstructionism for the last 4 years), I have to wonder if the Fifth Party System is finally over.


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It's the dawn of the New Fifth Party System: buy a fifth; throw a party.

Forgive me if I am wary of templates fitted after the fact to a frequently uncooperative history...

Posted by: Steve Bates | Nov 11, 2012 7:31:47 AM

I find them to be useful tools, if not entirely perfect overlays on actual history. I mean they can illustrate the various thematic issues of an epoch which can highlight reasons why the Party of Lincoln is now the Party of Racists, and Jeffersonian/Jacksonian Democrats evolved since the dawn of parties, etc.

And today, just how does the GOP adapt from a fairly monolithic group of old white men when the Obama coalition (so-called) is made up of a majority of the majority (women), and the growing minorities that collectively will make the GOP's base a minority before becoming outright majorities themselves? And as marriage equality becomes inevitable? And so on?

What's more, we do find most likely a decade of GOP entrenchment in the House thanks to 2010 and gerrymandering, whilst the Dems could very well control the WH and Senate. How does that change partisan dynamics, both between parties and within them? Does that actually open the door for revived alternate parties that might even capture some Electors again? Will there be any chance for meaningful policy to come out of such an arrangement with an intransigent minority party that can gum up with works by owning the House (potential filibuster reform in the Senate notwithstanding)?0

It ain't yer daddy's Olds, is all I'm sayin'.

Posted by: NTodd Pritsky | Nov 11, 2012 10:42:35 AM

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