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Sunday, November 18, 2012

David And Goliath Redux

There is nothing new under the sun:

A scorpion who wanted to get to the other side of the Suez Canal asked a camel to let him sit on his hump while it walked across the Canal. 

"Whoa," said the camel. "Do you think I'm a fool? If you sit on my back, you might bite me before I reach the other side, and then I will drown." The scorpion replied, "Now,that makes no sense, because if you die, then so I will I." 

After thinking about it,the camel agreed to carry the scorpion to the other side of the Canal, and told it to climb onto his hump. When the camel got to the deepest part of the Canal, the scorpion bit and injected its poison into the camel.

"Why did you do that?" said the dying camel, "it's not logical". The scorpion replied, " I couldn't resist it. There no logic in the Middle East.

A couple other posts for perspective:

There's a symmetry in the illogic, a great deal of asymmetry in the violence, and much tragedy until the parties learn a thing or two about being human...


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