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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

But Losing The Popular Vote Is A Mandate?


"It’s clear that with our losses in the Presidential race, and a number of key Senate races, we have a period of reflection and recalibration ahead for the Republican Party," Cornyn said. "While some will want to blame one wing of the party over the other, the reality is candidates from all corners of our GOP lost tonight. Clearly we have work to do in the weeks and months ahead."

But he also warned Democrats not to get too cocky, and while calling for bipartisanship, got in a dig at President Barack Obama.

"While the Democrats had a good night, they should not over-read their mandate as reflected by the almost evenly divided popular vote," he said. "It’s important to observe that nothing that happened tonight changes the very serious challenges confronting our country –- a $16 trillion debt, year-after-year of massive deficit spending, unsustainable entitlement programs, and a tax code that picks winners and losers while discouraging economic growth and job creation.

Solving these very serious problems will take real presidential leadership," Cornyn added. "This is something we unfortunately did not see in the president’s first term, but that all of us hope for in his second.”

Yah might want to take a longer period of reflection and recalibration...


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