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Thursday, November 08, 2012

An Amendment To Be

So in light of what one of my fave constitutional scholars said a long time ago about amending the Constitution outside of Article V, would it even be feasible to take a non-governmental, popular sovereignty approach to overturning Citizens?  Or would it be easier to push Congressional delegations and mobilize on a state-by-state basis for ratification?


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For Citizen's United, I have long advocated the following:

Amend DELAWARE's corporate code (state level law, in a 'blue' state) regarding corporate governance:

When a corporation wishes to spend corporate funds on political advertising, it must first put before its stockholders a motion for the spending, listing the maximum dollar amount and a detailed description of how the money will be spent,the motivation for such advocacy, and a description of the intended ads.

Shares that are not voted, count as "NO" votes.

All shareholders that vote against the expenditure will receive a pro-rated (weighted by #shares) refund of the expense.

#1: this promotes management's RESPONSIBLE use of shareholder PROPERTY.

#2: Even greedy GOPers would think twice when offered a "free money for voting NO?" situation.

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