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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Seriously, Fuck Anybody Who Votes For Rmoney/Ryan/Rand

Jesus fucking Christ stomping on the poor and unwashed:

Top Romney Adviser: If You Own A Microwave, You Aren’t Really Poor

Really, Romney wants us all to live in Dickens' world:

The homes of the poor were equipped with open fireplaces for heat and cooking but not with ovens. Thus many, like the Cratchits, took their Christmas goose or turkey to the baker's shop. Bakers were forbidden to open on Sundays and holidays but would open their shops on these days to the poor and bake their dinners for a small fee. Dickens tells of Master Peter Cratchit and the two younger Cratchits going to fetch their Christmas goose from the bakers.

Sorry, POORS, if you can spring for 50 bucks after scrimping to buy a micro at Wal-Our-Employees-Are-So-Underpaid-They-Cost-The-Rich-38-Bucks-Annually-In-Food-Stamps-Mart, or even 10 bucks off CraigsList, you aren't poor.  Because only the Rich can actually warm up the food they get at the Dollar Store or Food Pantry.

This is what you vote for if you cast a ballot for Romney.  This myth, and the denial of the right of women to make their own medical decisions because of the myth some MEN believe in about God and lady parts and rape.  This myth and the one about Obama cutting Medicare.  This myth and voodoo economics.  It's all a myth.

Fuck you and your cognitive dissonance.


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"It's all a myth."

That's why I call him Myth Rmoney.

If you happened to dumpster-dive just before my last move, you could have found the microwave Stella forced me to throw out as "too old and dirty." It worked like a mother; I don't envy whoever got it, but it warmed food as well as it did the day I plugged it in. If you could find a way to get it out of the dumpster. (I set it beside the dumpster, but the groundskeepers promptly pitched it in.)

If Rmoney is elected, or successfully steals the mofo, we're sure to see a lot more dumpster-diving, probably physical fights over the better dumpsters. Dinah Shore sang it best: "America's the greatest land of all." (Some conditions apply.)

Posted by: Steve Bates | Oct 27, 2012 3:43:23 AM

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