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Monday, October 29, 2012

Our House

For posterity, just in case our house is blown away tonight. 

Now let's see if I can get the cats inside...


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Please don't blow away. Keep yourselves safe and sound. I didn't know you had a lake on your property. Hope it stays the same size as in the picture.

Posted by: mnkid | Oct 29, 2012 4:00:09 PM

Culvert was mangled by the snow plow a couple years back, and now we have this huge area on the driveway that collects water. Maybe next year we'll actually get it fixed, now that it has expanded so much.

Posted by: NTodd Pritsky | Oct 29, 2012 4:44:08 PM

Stay safe, my friends (or should I say my Friends?). I know storms are as routine for you as they are for Gulf Coast residents, but after an hour of TV news from all around Sandy's immense domain, I am concerned by what I see. Stay out of harm's way, please!

Here it's 61°F, a clear night, nothing threatening man, beast or tree. Here... borrow my mental space for a few hours...

Posted by: Steve Bates | Oct 29, 2012 8:20:56 PM

Wow, the Outback is way bigger than the Escape

Posted by: ericka | Oct 29, 2012 11:03:47 PM

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