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Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Want You All To Buy Me Contraception


Landsburg’s entire attack on Fluke is premised on the idea that she’s asking “other people to buy her something.” This is not true directly because Fluke is, in fact, paying for insurance, and more broadly people who get insurance from employers are paying for it by getting medical insurance instead of wages as compensation. So the only argument available to Landsburg is that Fluke is indirectly “asking people to pay for contraception” because she’s getting a cross-subsidy from other insurance holders that don’t use contraception. This would still be a remarkably feeble argument, because it proves too much: it’s just an argument against the concept of insurance altogether.

By Landsburg’s logic, people who expect their insurance to cover the medical care necessary to heal a broken leg are moochers asking other people to pay for it. People who use car insurance to repair the car are asking other people to pay for their repairs. People with fire insurance who file a claim to get compensation after their house burns down are just asking other people to pay them to get a new house, and so on. It’s a silly, self-refuting argument even granting Landsburg’s premise.

Isn't that what I said?


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