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Friday, July 01, 2011

Fridays In Bil'in

The day of victory: Bil'in celebrates the removal of the wall:

For the first time after nearly seven years of resistance and struggle of the residents of Bil'in, the people of the village and a large number of participants from neighboring villages could hold the Friday prayer on the land that has been retrieved 2 days ago.


This victory was the result of the sacrifices made by the people of Bil'in...After they reached the protected area, they built the first house there after the removal of the wall. After many years of not seeing any big groups of Palestinians so close to their residence, the inhabitants of the nearby illegal settlement were watching the celebration and the building of the first house with great attention and surprise. The people of Bil'in are now planning to built more houses, in order to protect the land from the greed of the occupation. 

Indeed, a victory to celebrate.  Here's to many more, Insha'Allah.


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