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Monday, May 09, 2011

Lucky Duckies Are Worse Than Robber Barons

Poor people hit the jackpot with [Social Program X]!

 - Anonymous VT businessperson

Indeed, the Lucky Duckies catch all the breaks, don't they?  That's why we need to kill Medicaid and gut other programs that help out the poor, lest they live their lives in the lap of poverty at the expense of the wealthy whom God himself has granted massive fortunes beyond the wildest dreams of avarice.

They don't even pay taxes!  While the rich shoulder the entire load!  And those oppressed corporations!  It's so unfair!

It's getting to the point that the uberwealthy are having a hard time buying elections because poor people are squashing their free speech...Okay, I can't keep that going any longer.  Allow me to quote James Otis from 1764:

The very act of taxing exercised over those who are not represented appears to me to be depriving them of one of their most essential rights as freemen, and if continued seems to be in effect an entire disfranchisement of every civil right.

That's often paraphrased as "taxation without representation is tyranny."

Now it's true that the poor and middle class ostensibly are represented in DC and state capitals, but when wealthy citizens and corporate persons dominate the political process, that theory is trumped by reality.  The proof is in the policy results, wherein those in power cannot even contemplate capturing additional revenues from the rich and instead trip over themselves to cut taxes on those who can afford it, all while destroying the social safety net that more and more Americans depend on as the economy for regular folks remains in shambles thanks to a massive wealth transfer over the last 30 years.

That's the US today: come for the plutocracy, stay for the tyranny!  And if you don't want to end up being foie gras for the Selfish Prime Movers, look for opportunities to fight back, like in Wisconsin and the recall drive, or in Vermont and our push for single-payer...


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Older family members told me that we were descended in part from Otis. He went crazy and died when he got hit by a stroke of lightning, which explains a lot about my relatives.

Posted by: shrimplate | May 10, 2011 11:11:06 AM

Apparently God likes taxation and/or tyranny.

Posted by: NTodd | May 11, 2011 8:50:56 AM

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