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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Twitkun Olam

In a modest effort to heal the world, The Online Mom is holding a fundraiser:
As some of you may know, one of our dearest friends Shellie Ross lost her beautiful 2 year old son Bryson to a tragic pool accident.

Although the outpouring of support has been heartwarming, a few people chose to attack Shellie in the cruelest of ways by questioning her honesty and fitness to be a mom at the worst possible time of her life.

As Shellie was leaning on Twitter for support and prayer, some chose to cyberbully her. We cannot stand for that! Those thoughts are now out there permanently, for her family and the world to see, and this cannot be the most lasting impact of our community.

Join us Thursday night to help Shelly pay for the custom wood box she's ordered for Bryson's ashes. The Online Mom is donating the first $100 to this cause.

Time: 9-10pm
Date: Thursday Dec 17
Use: #Bryson

Donation information to follow.
Samuel, we can't heal Shelly's pain, bring her son back or even rid the world of all the ugliness we saw in the wake of Bryson's death.  But we can still try to counter the darkness with whatever light we can manage, even virtually, even as complete strangers.  Imagine what a world it would be if our first instinct was to help, rather than hurt, even if it's risky.


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