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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ma'al Salaama

Last batch of photos, including some from yesterday--I'd shot the march with Jose's little camera, but had used mine in Jerusalem and in Bil'in just before the rally.  Still no words beyond captions for now...

I hung out in a cafe just inside Damascus gate people watching as I waited for David and Fungus to meet me for a walkabout.

Eilat, our awesome coordinator from Coalition of Women for Peace, and Tighe, who will later use that bullhorn to demand the IDF stop shooting at us, put up a banner the folks in Bil-in made up during Obama's visit to Cairo.

Iayd does show-n-tell of all the ordinance we might run into, as one of the boys who goes out to collect the cannisters looks on.

I've never seen so many flags displayed, even in the US around July 4, as I saw in Palestine and especially Israel.

Pretty flowers--prickly, as I discovered--near the Muslim cemetery of Al Ghabsiya, a village destroyed by the Israelis in 1948.  The cemetery was cut in two by a road.

More below the fold...

In the Old City of Jerusalem, IDF harass a Palestinian youth.  I saw this a few times in mere hours.

Perhaps people will get the visual joke.

I was amazed that I saw no children injured running their carts down the hill.

Still sipping my Arabic coffee, still watching the folks go by.

Over by the Western Wall.

Children toting guns and smoking cigarettes did depress me a bit.

Near Bil'in as we wait for taxis to take us into town.  Our New Profile friends explain why we're there.  BTW, we couldn't take our bus into town because of road restrictions imposed by the IDF.

Yeah, that was a fun ride up to the village.

Local children immediately starting hawking wares to us, then joined the march.

Fast forward to one of the two Muslim ghettoes of Haifa.  Many houses demolished, nobody allowed to rebuild.  The rest are fairly decrepit even in a city touted as a place of peaceful coexistence.

Contrast to the new buildings for Israeli Jews.

The Mosque of Al Ghabsiya.

Concertina wire almost makes the orders to never return unnecessary.

Badr points to the tree where his house used to be before the village was cleared out in 1948, when he was 6.

Remnants of a house in Cabri, now a kibbutz that profits from bottling water from the old Palestinian springs.

I might have accidentally thrown a balloon over the fence surrounding a pump house.

Over that mountain is Lebanon.

One of two Christian churches in the old village of Basa, which truly was a mixed population.

Strange to my eyes, Arabic inscriptions on a Christian place of worship.

Medea coming out of the church.

Can I help you?

I guess somebody tries to clean the place.

King George on the left.

The mosque in Basa.

This seems fairly symbolic.

Little girl we met at the restaurant where we had our farewell meal.

North of Tel Aviv on the way back from Galilee.

Heading to Ben Gurion at Oh-Dark-Thirty for my flight(s) homeward. Insha'allah.


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Oh, my. Great pictures, once agan.

Posted by: Karin | Jun 13, 2009 10:13:25 PM

Love the face of the little girl giving peace signs. Thank you, NTodd.

Posted by: ellroon | Jun 14, 2009 4:21:11 PM

outstanding photos, and very glad Code Pink made the effort to visit Gaza. the pictures from the Occupied Territories tell us an amazing tale about our own complicity in the daily subjugation of the Palestinians.


Posted by: some guy:adjunct | Jun 14, 2009 9:58:00 PM

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