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Monday, June 08, 2009

Help Us Help Gaza

What we're asking of friends, family, et al:

For the past two days a delegation of 40-odd internationals, many among them US citizens (including a number of Jewish Americans) has been denied entry to Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid.  Israeli restrictions on what may be brought into Gaza are absurd - items such as candles, matches, light bulbs, chocolate, coffee, flour, sugar, concrete (and all building supplies), etc. - so we are attempting to bring in some of these vital supplies.  We applied through all of the appropriate channels, but our application to enter was rejected.  What makes this even worse is that several delegations of 66 individuals were recently allowed to enter Gaza through the Rafah border in Egypt to deliver such items and meet with the people of Gaza, so it makes no sense that we should be denied at this border.  Yet more disturbing are the restrictions of movement on the people of Gaza, who are trapped in what is a virtual open-air prison.

Despite applying to the Coordination and Liaison Administration for Gaza, the Israeli authority responsible for the Gaza Strip, we are being denied entry.  This is unacceptable and international pressure is needed to insist that this humanitarian delegation be allowed in.  Please contact the following people/offices and ask that our delegation be let in:

1) Mr. Lior of the Coordination and Liaison Administration for Gaza - 972 50 624 6622
2) Sarah Henkins at the Israel/Palestine Desk of the State Department - 202-647-3265
3) the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel - 972 3–519–7475 or 972 3-519-7551
4) your Member of Congress! - look up their contact information here, you can ask specifically for the LA who works on foreign affairs, which can also be found here - http://capwiz.com/asae/dbq/officials/

Thank you so much for helping the delegation, and for helping the cause of justice for the people of Gaza!

Ericka and I have both been in contact with Welch's office, and I'll continue to press him from Israel.  The more people joining the effort back home, the better.


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