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Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Quite


Presidential electors have formally elected Barack Obama the nation's 44th president...Monday's voting was a largely ceremonial procedure, but one mandated by the Constitution...But Obama's election will not be complete until Congress tallies the outcome of Monday's Electoral College vote at a joint session scheduled for Jan. 6.

This article annoyed me to no end. 

First of all, Constitutional requirements are not "ceremonial": they are Constitutional requirements.  Period.

Second of all, it's rather funny that they say "it's official" that Obama's been elected, but oh by the way he's not until January.  The latter is correct--nothing is final until Congress accepts the results--the former really should have been "formally VOTED" for Obama and McCain.  Come on, it's just like any election: you cast votes but until they're counted and certified, the outcome is done "official" or "formal".


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Thanks for the clarification on "official" status. I am wondering when congress will "officially" state that the president of the last 8 years was an "official" asshole. Because until then, I just have to say he was a dumb maniacal schmuck.

Posted by: Mortski | Dec 15, 2008 6:56:32 PM

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