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Saturday, August 23, 2008

All Request Paxcast Again Today

The last all request Paxcast I did a month ago worked out pretty well, so I'm going to the well again.  This time instead of asking requesters to tell us what sorts of new resistance they're engaging in, I'd like to hear what you think about Atrios' belief that conventions are a dumb place to protest

Do you agree?  Why or why not?  What other thoughts do you have about the DNC--hopes, concerns, apathy?

I'll accept requests and your ideas until 7pm Eastern and thanks to our new ersatz highspeed Internet access should have it done by 9pm or so.  Leave your comments here or e-mail me at blog@pritsky.net!


PS--I'll be forward promoting the inaugural PaxLive radio show, too...

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I request two Jack tacos,One Jumbo Jack, and a large raspberry iced tea. Thank you.

Posted by: Uileam | Aug 23, 2008 4:41:27 PM

I would like to request "I get knocked down, but get up again" from Chumbawama in the Paxcast.

What do I think about the convention as a place to protest? I don't think it is a zero sum game. I think we can do it there and other places.

I think that it is expected by the media to see protests at conventions. One of the tricks that Bush pulled off was that protests in his field of view were effectively banished because of the "protect the President from danger" reason.

That is the other reasons there are very few public events where he spoke that they couldn't control. I had suggested a two camera four person team to attempt to get into Bush 'public' events. One hidden camera. One visible camera. One safe protester one visible protester The visible protester and camera man would be arrested and hauled away, the local political people looking for the protester and cameraman would be satisfied that they had dealt with the danger.

The hidden cameraman and the safe hidden protester would get into the event AND capture the footage of the others being dragged off. The follow up YouTube video would cover not only the way the Government blocked the free speech it would also have the face and names of the people doing it and the bs reasons given. These would be used to prosecute them for a violation of their free speech rights. And the people who were safe would be in the audience in the president's sight line. This double bluff is necessary to give the low level people something to distract them. Now just to prove to the SS that you are really safe they should REGISTER the hidden Camera and the safe protester. Now this needs to be down with the HEADQUARTERS SS not the local people. Why? So that the POLITICAL people don't get wind of it. The POLITICAL people locally will appeal to the SS to get rid of the protesters. "For the President's safety".
That will happen, but the Political people will not know that there are TWO teams. The hidden team will get through the line and will even be able to film the visible people being "caught'. Once inside the hidden protester will be in Bush's sight line and in the Camera's sight line.

Of course their will probably be some reason that they give for hauling the person on camera away, (Code Pink Knows all about this) and that will give you one image, but that is not enough. The reason for this double team is that the Secret Service NEEDs to know that the hidden team is safe for the President. The ONLY harm that the President would feel is "visual harm". The only reason that could be given for them being hauled away would be a restriction BY THE GOVERNMENT of their right to free speech.

Why do I want to work with the SS? Because they have a necessary job to do and I respect that. When Obama is president I want them to protect him. The ENTIRE story would expose the limitations that Bush uses to block our 1st Amendment rights, from the hauling away the visible team to the bs line that will be used by the local political Bush team. The local political team will say, 'We were just worried about the safety of the president" but that would be discredited because we would have credentials from the SS at the national level. It would all be seen as a bs sham AND then the law suit could be filed against the Bush political team.

Why don't I do this? Because I'm about 3 people short of doing this and Bush isn't making himself available for any reason.

I also want all parts of this on CAMERA. In a world with cheap digital video we don't need the media for the first shots, but they would amplify the great visuals of both the people getting hauled away AND they could do a '1st Amendment rights violated" story. And since I already thought of, and dealt with, the security angle I could shut up the people who say, 'The people are kept away from the President for safty reasons." I could say, "What were they afraid of? Words? I worked with the SS before hand and I asked them to do a body cavity search. I know that they would then let me in. The SS are not in charge of protecting the president politically, only physically, and therefore they couldn't deny me access after I proved I was physically safe.

The media are why the protests are run. Visuals. They need something to point the cameras at and add it to their narrative. "Not everyone agrees with the Republican party position on the War. Protests today from Blank were outside the convention center saying..."

Sorry for the long post, but as you know I think alot about how to do this stuff. This could get coverage and get a message out, but short term and long term about the tactics used by the neocons in Government to limit our speech. Ideally we could even win a first amendment or a commercial civil lawsuit against them in the aftermath. That would keep the story going. The story line would have multiple narratives that the various press could pick up on. The message is up to you, but the strategy and tactical plan would get it out there I think it could be done an any time. And could even be done at the Republican Convention or some other McCain event.

Posted by: spocko | Aug 23, 2008 5:03:37 PM

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