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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Well Then, Let's Bomb The Fuckers!

No, Kevin, it's not worth the devalued dollars I wipe my ass with:

It's worth remembering that just because the Bush administration has pursued an indefensible policy regarding Iran doesn't automatically make Iran a sympathetic figure in all this. They have plenty to answer for too.

The United States itself has violated the NPT and, of course, is the only nation on Earth to use nuclear weapons.  We have plenty to answer for, and that answer doesn't include our right to unilaterally threaten a sovereign nation with killing their people.  You fucking bullshit centrist asshole.


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No, no. Kevin is right to criticize the literally none of people who are suddenly cheering for the Iranian regime. Imaginary people saying things that nobody said -- those people are a great danger to maybe somebody hypothetical, and should be confronted.

Posted by: Thers | Dec 5, 2007 2:45:20 AM

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