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Saturday, December 23, 2006

They Killed My Brother, Pyotr

Spocko raises his shields as Klingons fire photon torpedos off the starboard bow.


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Do these people really not understand the concept of fair use? Or do they think those dirty fucking hippie bloggers are that stoopit?

Posted by: flory | Dec 23, 2006 6:30:44 PM

Floy. They are trying to use the claim of violation of their copyright so that I can't expose their violent rhetoric and hate speech.

What is especially upsetting is that the violent rhetoric is directed at the press, Nancy Pelosi, Muslims and liberals.

ABC Disney has no problem with Melanie Morgan talking about "putting a bull's-eye" on Nancy Pelosi or Rogers talking about burning someone alive or cutting off the testicles of a liberal. But if someone like me tells the advertisers what they are buying with their ad dollars I'm the one they want to shut down.

These were the Steps to this event

1) Morgan, Rogers, Benner or Sussman say something horrible. It was Broadcast on the public's airwaves over the SF Bay area and worldwide on the internet
2) I take the clip of one or more horrible comments (with enough audio on either side for context, don't want to be accused of taking info out of context!)
3) I post comment and my thoughts about what they say.
4) I and others write advertisers and say, "Did you know that they are saying these horrible things right before your ad runs?"
5) Advertisers says, "We looked into it and we don't like what they are saying. We are pulling our ads."
6) Sales manager at KSFO goes ballistic, threatens to sue me for everything I've got, accuses me of libel and slander and says the that the police and the FBI are out to get me.
7)Radio hosts either a) they didn't say what they actually did or b) bluster that no body tells THEM what to say (on regulated broadcast radio) and proceed with more horrible things.
8) Lawyers at KSFO/ABC Radio/Disney file a cease and desist complaint with my ISP right before Christmas so I and my readers don't impact any more advertising dollars.

Posted by: spocko | Dec 23, 2006 7:42:18 PM

9) Spocko removes the audio clips from his website.
10) Spocko's (and my, for my professional, non-DFH blogger site) chickenshit ISP shuts him down anyway.
11) Intrepid bloggers all over the blogosphere pick up the story.
12) The audio clips get mirrored in a dozen places in the first 24 hours.
13) Disney/KSFO's people do a Google Blog search and their heads explode...
???) Disney/KSFO's people finally learn that the internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.


Posted by: Interrobang | Jan 5, 2007 1:02:53 AM

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