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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Marlborough Hills

So I'm in Marlborough, MA, and got my classroom and lab all set up.  Before that I went on a little bike ride--right after I checked in, as a matter of fact.

Even though I've been coming down here quite frequently since '95, I never noticed how hilly the residential area around the training facility is.  The two major hills here actually rival some by my house, which is great because I'll get more of a workout than I anticipated.  There is a downside (heh): at home I've got long stretches of road where I don't have to contend with crossroads and the like, so I can really crank up the speed downhill; here I don't feel comfortable going too fast because the roads are compact, very windy and have lots of densely packed, often hidden driveways.  My average speeds are gonna suck this week.

Anyhoo, I got in a short 6.1 mile ride at 14mph.  Then I got my work done and am now eating a Boston Market chicken sandwich.  I've still got to tweak some old exercises I plan on using tomorrow, but mostly I can kick back for a couple hours.

That might include some blogging.


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