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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Million To One - There's Someone Better Than Me


Bob Kiss, a Progressive state representative but a newcomer to city politics, was elected mayor of Burlington on Tuesday, defeating Republican City Councilor Kevin Curley and Democratic state Sen. Hinda Miller.

The election marked the first in the city's history in which instant runoff voting was employed, and Kiss was awarded the victory only after the votes of runners-up in the five-way race were redistributed.

The vote, after second-choice ballots were counted, was 4,761 for Kiss and 3,986 for Miller. Curley received 2,609 votes in the first round. Independents Louie "The Cowman" Beaudin and Loyal Ploof had 119 and 57 votes, respectively.

Kiss won five of the city's seven wards and outpolled Miller in her home ward, Ward 6.As the vote totals were announced in Contois Auditorium at City Hall shortly past 9 p.m. Kiss supporters, who had been tallying the results ward by ward, rose with a loud cheer and began hugging.

"Progressives are alive and well!" former Ward 5 Councilor Richard Kemp thundered over the noise of the crowd.

Kiss's voice never varied during the campaign. The 58-year-old former anti-poverty agency executive exuded a calm confidence that ultimately persuaded voters to continue for three more years the Progressive tradition that began with Bernie Sanders' election in 1981.

Too cool for school!  And just remember, at least the hippies plow the roads...


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