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Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Catblogging

Because people have been jealous of Sam's absence of late, here's a three-fer:

"I would very much like to go outside."

"Really, I don't care how blustery it is." 

"Daddy, you suck." 

Dude, there's a high wind advisory--do you not see the trees almost completely bent over?


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Thank you. You're the BEST!

Posted by: eva | Feb 17, 2006 9:20:28 AM


Posted by: watertiger | Feb 17, 2006 10:17:31 AM

We aim to please!

Posted by: NTodd | Feb 17, 2006 10:18:57 AM

Well, he looks like he's bearing up okay under the onslaught of The New Guy. In fact, he looks pretty darned chipper.

Do they show any signs of playing together?

Posted by: Ivytree | Feb 17, 2006 10:22:34 AM

Emmy will be pleased as well with the return of Sam.

Posted by: rugo | Feb 17, 2006 10:25:38 AM

Sam looks pretty. Sorry you can't go outside! I can't go outside either, because I have a fever. Love You Sam!!!

Posted by: Emmy | Feb 17, 2006 11:43:52 AM

BTW when Tango insists on going out regardless the weather, I sometimes let him out only to see him turn back promptly... ok, I admit, I am terrified of being uncool mom...

Posted by: eva | Feb 17, 2006 12:09:35 PM

Awww. Bless. It's raining cats and dogs, and the Samster wants to join in.

Posted by: TheaLogie | Feb 17, 2006 12:42:26 PM

Sammy.....you stay inside where its nice and warm and dry. I know the canine menace is there and it'd be nice to get a break for a few minutes, but windy days are *not* the right time.


Posted by: flory | Feb 17, 2006 12:55:46 PM

Sam, stay indoors.

The wind was so bad here that we saw 1/2 of a tree snap off and go flying near my twins' classroom.

Posted by: Medeanj | Feb 17, 2006 1:50:49 PM

Daddy, you must be very strong-minded to resist the persuasive and compelling cheek-rub on the door-frame!

Posted by: Li'l Innocent | Feb 17, 2006 5:14:15 PM

hah~ poor Sam. Well, he'll get over it. Teh cats have a short memory.

Posted by: geoduck2 | Feb 17, 2006 5:34:11 PM

Thanks for the abundance of Samblogging this Friday.

Be good for your Daddy, Sam.

Posted by: Sandy-LA 90034 | Feb 17, 2006 6:44:47 PM

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